photo (4)Orsalia Dimitriou, Associate lecturer at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, University of the Arts, London, introduced principles of using video as a research method.  She specifically reflected on her own work which was looking at public space constitution in post-insurgent Athens.  She reflected on the debates about the use of film as a research method, specifically noting that film can be perceived as subjective rather than objective, with obvious ramifications for the research outputs.

She showed a few of her first attempts at using video and noted how important it is to become more engaged in the context by refusing to remain an outsider and somehow finding a way of immersing oneself in the actual events thereby gaining more useful insights into the research topic.

Her statements about video being very obviously spatial were important but the notion that video is also time based capturing the actual time of the film but also past and future perspectives from the person being interviewed was really interesting.  This cannot be achieved through photographic research methods and questionnaires and semi structured interviews cannot capture the spatial context in which the interview is done. The actual footage also gives a great deal more insight into the person’s observed body reflexes and responses to questions which again are not easily captured by other methods.

Video is one method that students can use in the field in Cyprus, along with many others, to find out more about the cultural aspects of the place.


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